· Staff writers for MIDI Magazine, 1993-96.
· American Songwriting Award, 1997.
  • Album
  • · Composed, recorded and performed Hummer's CD Premium. Distributed by Accurate Records, March 1999.
    · Mixed Songs for Jiggle the Handle soon to be released Live CD . August1999.
    · Edited and Mastered selections of Either Orchestra album.
    · Composed drum and guitar parts for interactive portion of Aerosmith's CD Plus release Nine Lives. Sony Music Entertainment, 1997. This new technology allows fans with computers to play along with the album. Guitar/drum parts for additional songs available on the web at http://www.aerosmith.com.
    · Recorded preproducton demos for Grammy nominee Tracy Bonham, in preparation for her second Island release; 1997.
    · Produced and recorded Rick Berlin's CD Live at Jacques. Distributed by Ralph Records, Fall 1997.
    · Mixed tracks from Rob Levit's CD East River View. Distributed by Brownstone Records, Fall 1997.
    · Edited Blood Red Sky for video shoot of Skavoovie and the Epitones on their 1997 album release, Ripe. Dan also performed percussion on a number of tracks on the album.
    · Produced, recorded and performed on Mike Cantor's CD That's All, featuring Boston jazz greats John Lockwood, Chris Neville, and Russ Gershon; Notable Productions release, 1996.
    · Composed, arranged, and produced a CD of standard and original jazz compositions for QRS Piano Rolls, Inc. for the Pianomation player piano system, 1993 - present.
    · Engineered and drum programmed Robben Ford's The Blues Guitar video tape. Distributed by R.E.H. Publications, 1990.
    · Other Notable album productions include:
    Big Clock (Big Clock, The Boy With the Wooden Head-Rounder Records); Right Time (Right Time, Searching for a Universal Groove); Soma (Soma This); Reckless Hartt (Reckless Hartt); Son'ahhcchi (the musical); David Goldfinger (Monkey in the Middle, A Room Somewhere-Acoustic Music Agency); ClosetFish (In the Fish Bowl, live on WERS); WorkForce (One Eye on the World, One Eye on the Clock featuring charted dance single But, the Joke's on You).